REHABDATA Thesaurus - ICF Crosswalk

This Crosswalk pairs terms from our REHABDATA Thesaurus with terms and concepts from the World Health Organization's International Classification of Functioning, Disability, and Health (ICF). The ICF is a comprehensive, hierarchically organized tool used by health organizations around the world to codify research, develop treatment codes, and more. The Thesaurus and ICF are very different catergorizing tools, but have some overlap. Where possible, we have matched most of the Thesaurus terms to ICF terms down to the fourth level (ICF V).

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Thesaurus term ICF I ICF III ICF IV ICF V
AFDC e5 SERVICES, SYSTEMS AND POLICIES e570 Social security services, systems and policies e5700 Social security services no match
Affirmative action no match no match no match no match
African Americans no match no match no match no match
Aggression b1 MENTAL FUNCTIONS, d7 INTERPERSONAL INTERACTIONS AND RELATIONSHIPS b126 Temperament and personality functions, b152 Emotional functions b1522 Range of emotion no match
Aging no match no match no match no match
Agriculture e1 PRODUCTS AND TECHNOLOGY, e2 NATURAL ENVIRONMENT AND HUMAN-MADE CHANGES TO ENVIRONMENT e110 Products or substances for personal consumption, e160 Products and technology of land development, e210 Physical geography, e220 Flora and fauna e1100 Food, e1600 Products and technology of rural land development, e2100 Land forms, e2200 Plants no match
Air transportation d4 MOBILITY, d9 COMMUNITY, SOCIAL AND CIVIC LIFE, e1 PRODUCTS AND TECHNOLOGY, e5 SERVICES, SYSTEMS AND POLICIES d470 Using transportation, e120 Products and technology for personal indoor and outdoor mobility and transportation, e540 Transportation services, systems and policies d4700 Using human-powered vehicles, d4701 Using private motorized transportation, d4702 Using public motorized transportation, e1200 General products and technology for personal indoor and outdoor mobility and transportation, e5400 Transportation services no match
Allergies b4 FUNCTIONS OF THE CARDIOVASCULAR, HAEMATOLOGICAL, IMMUNOLOGICAL AND RESPIRATORY SYSTEMS, s4 STRUCTURES OF THE CARDIOVASCULAR, IMMUNOLOGICAL AND RESPIRATORY SYSTEMS b435 Immunological system functions, s420 Structure of immune system b4350 Immune response, b4351 Hypersensitivity reactions no match
Alternative formats d1 LEARNING AND APPLYING KNOWLEDGE, d3 COMMUNICATION, d4 MOBILITY d320 Communicating with - receiving - formal sign language messages, d325 Communicating with - receiving - written messages, d340 Producing messages in formal sign language no match no match
Alternative medicine e5 SERVICES, SYSTEMS AND POLICIES e580 Health services, systems and policies e5800 Health services no match