REHABDATA Thesaurus - ICF Crosswalk

This Crosswalk pairs terms from our REHABDATA Thesaurus with terms and concepts from the World Health Organization's International Classification of Functioning, Disability, and Health (ICF). The ICF is a comprehensive, hierarchically organized tool used by health organizations around the world to codify research, develop treatment codes, and more. The Thesaurus and ICF are very different catergorizing tools, but have some overlap. Where possible, we have matched most of the Thesaurus terms to ICF terms down to the fourth level (ICF V).

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Thesaurus term ICF I ICF III ICF IV ICF V
Stoma no match no match no match no match
Stroke b4 FUNCTIONS OF THE CARDIOVASCULAR, HAEMATOLOGICAL, IMMUNOLOGICAL AND RESPIRATORY SYSTEMS, s1 STRUCTURES OF THE NERVOUS SYSTEM, s4 STRUCTURES OF THE CARDIOVASCULAR, IMMUNOLOGICAL AND RESPIRATORY SYSTEMS b415 Blood vessel functions, s110 Structure of brain, s410 Structure of cardiovascular system b4150 Functions of arteries, b4151 Functions of capillaries, b4152 Functions of veins, s1100 Structure of cortical lobes, s4100 Heart, s4101 Arteries, s4102 Veins, s4103 Capillaries no match
Students d1 LEARNING AND APPLYING KNOWLEDGE, d8 MAJOR LIFE AREAS d199 Learning and applying knowledge, unspecified, d820 School education, d825 Vocational training, d830 Higher education no match no match
Stuttering b3 VOICE AND SPEECH FUNCTIONS, s3 STRUCTURES INVOLVED IN VOICE AND SPEECH, d3 COMMUNICATION b330 Fluency and rhythm of speech functions, s320 Structure of mouth, s330 Structure of pharynx, s340 Structure of larynx, d330 Speaking, d350 Conversation, d355 Discussion, d360 Using communication devices and techniques b3300 Fluency of speech, b3301 Rhythm of speech, s3203 Tongue, s3301 Oral pharynx, s3400 Vocal folds, d3500 Starting a conversation, d3501 Sustaining a conversation, d3502 Ending a conversation, d3503 Conversing with one person, d3504 Conversing with many people, d3550 Discussion with one person, d3551 Discussion with many people, d3600 Using communication devices no match
Subacute care e5 SERVICES, SYSTEMS AND POLICIES e580 Health services, systems and policies e5800 Health services no match
Substance use disorders b1 MENTAL FUNCTIONS b130 Energy and drive functions b1303 Craving, b1304 Impulse control, b1302 Appetite no match
Suicide no match no match no match no match
Supervisors e3 SUPPORT AND RELATIONSHIPS e330 People in positions of authority no match no match
Supported employment d8 MAJOR LIFE AREAS, e5 SERVICES, SYSTEMS AND POLICIES d845 Acquiring, keeping and terminating a job, d850 Remunerative employment, e590 Labour and employment services, systems and policies d8450 Seeking employment, d8451 Maintaining a job, d8501 Part-time employment, d8502 Full-time employment, e5900 Labour and employment services no match
Surgery e3 SUPPORT AND RELATIONSHIPS, e5 SERVICES, SYSTEMS AND POLICIES e355 Health professionals, e580 Health services, systems and policies e5800 Health services no match