REHABDATA Thesaurus - ICF Crosswalk

This Crosswalk pairs terms from our REHABDATA Thesaurus with terms and concepts from the World Health Organization's International Classification of Functioning, Disability, and Health (ICF). The ICF is a comprehensive, hierarchically organized tool used by health organizations around the world to codify research, develop treatment codes, and more. The Thesaurus and ICF are very different catergorizing tools, but have some overlap. Where possible, we have matched most of the Thesaurus terms to ICF terms down to the fourth level (ICF V).

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Thesaurus term ICF I ICF III ICF IV ICF V
Survey forms no match no match no match no match
Surveys no match no match no match no match
Swallowing disorders b5 FUNCTIONS OF THE DIGESTIVE, METABOLIC AND ENDOCRINE SYSTEMS, s3 STRUCTURES INVOLVED IN VOICE AND SPEECH, s5 STRUCTURES RELATED TO THE DIGESTIVE, METABOLIC AND ENDOCRINE SYSTEMS b510 Ingestion functions, s320 Structure of mouth, s520 Structure of oesophagus b5102 Chewing, b5105 Swallowing, s3202 Structure of palate, s3203 Tongue s32020 Hard palate, s32021 Soft palate
Systems analysis no match no match no match no match
Systems change e5 SERVICES, SYSTEMS AND POLICIES e570 Social security services, systems and policies, e575 General social support services, systems and policies, e580 Health services, systems and policies e5701 Social security systems, e5751 General social support systems, e5801 Health systems, e5702 Social security policies, e5752 General social support policies, e5802 Health policies no match
Tactile systems b2 SENSORY FUNCTIONS AND PAIN, s7 STRUCTURES RELATED TO MOVEMENT b265 Touch function, s730 Structure of upper extremity s7300 Structure of upper arm, s7301 Structure of forearm, s7302 Structure of hand no match
Task analysis d2 GENERAL TASKS AND DEMANDS d210 Undertaking a single task, d220 Undertaking multiple tasks, d230 Carrying out daily routine, d240 Handling stress and other psychological demands d2100 Undertaking a simple task, d2101 Undertaking a complex task, d2200 Carrying out multiple tasks, d2201 Completing multiple tasks, d2202 Undertaking multiple tasks independently, d2203 Undertaking multiple tasks in a group, d2301 Managing daily routine, d2302 Completing the daily routine, d2303 Managing one's own activity level, d2400 Handling responsibilities, d2401 Handling stress, d2402 Handling crisis no match
Taxes no match no match no match no match
TDD b2 SENSORY FUNCTIONS AND PAIN, s2 THE EYE, EAR AND RELATED STRUCTURES, d3 COMMUNICATION, e1 PRODUCTS AND TECHNOLOGY b230 Hearing functions, d360 Using communication devices and techniques, e125 Products and technology for communication b2309 Hearing functions, unspecified, d3600 Using telecommunication devices, e1251 Assistive products and technology for communication no match
Teachers e3 SUPPORT AND RELATIONSHIPS, e5 SERVICES, SYSTEMS AND POLICIES e360 Other professionals, e585 Education and training services, systems and policies e5850 Education and training services no match