REHABDATA Thesaurus - ICF Crosswalk

This Crosswalk pairs terms from our REHABDATA Thesaurus with terms and concepts from the World Health Organization's International Classification of Functioning, Disability, and Health (ICF). The ICF is a comprehensive, hierarchically organized tool used by health organizations around the world to codify research, develop treatment codes, and more. The Thesaurus and ICF are very different catergorizing tools, but have some overlap. Where possible, we have matched most of the Thesaurus terms to ICF terms down to the fourth level (ICF V).

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Thesaurus term ICF I ICF III ICF IV ICF V
Typing d3 COMMUNICATION d360 Using communication devices and techniques d3601 Using writing machines no match
Underemployment e5 SERVICES, SYSTEMS AND POLICIES e590 Labour and employment services, systems and policies e5902 Labour and employment policies no match
Unemployment e5 SERVICES, SYSTEMS AND POLICIES e570 Social security services, systems and policies, e590 Labour and employment services, systems and policies e5700 Social security services, e5900 Labour and employment services no match
Unions no match no match no match no match
Universal design e1 PRODUCTS AND TECHNOLOGY e199 Products and technology, unspecified no match no match
Universities d1 LEARNING AND APPLYING KNOWLEDGE, d8 MAJOR LIFE AREAS, e5 SERVICES, SYSTEMS AND POLICIES d830 Higher education, e585 Education and training services, systems and policies e5850 Education and training services no match
Urban studies e5 SERVICES, SYSTEMS AND POLICIES e520 Open space planning services, systems and policies e5200 Open space planning services no match
Urinary disorders b6 GENITOURINARY AND REPRODUCTIVE FUNCTIONS, s6 STRUCTURES RELATED TO THE GENITOURINARY AND REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEMS b610 Urinary excretory functions, b620 Urinary functions, b630 Sensations associated with urinary functions, s610 Structure of urinary system b6100 Filtration of urine, b6101 Collection of urine, b6200 Urination, b6201 Frequency of urination, b6202 Urinary continence, s6100 Kidney, s6101 Ureters, s6102 Urinary bladder, s6103 Urethra no match
Ventilator dependence b4 FUNCTIONS OF THE CARDIOVASCULAR, HAEMATOLOGICAL, IMMUNOLOGICAL AND RESPIRATORY SYSTEMS, s4 STRUCTURES OF THE CARDIOVASCULAR, IMMUNOLOGICAL AND RESPIRATORY SYSTEMS, e1 PRODUCTS AND TECHNOLOGY b440 Respiration functions, s430 Structure of respiratory system, e115 Products and technology for personal use in daily living b4400 Respiration rate, b4401 Respiratory rhythm, b4402 Depth of respiration, s4300 Trachea, s4301 Lungs, s4302 Thoracic cage, s4303 Muscles of respiration, e1151 Assistive products and technology for personal use in daily living s43010 Bronchial tree, s43011 Alveoli, s43030 Intercostal muscles, s43031 Diaphragm
Veterans no match no match no match no match