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News and Notes from the NIDILRR Community and Beyond Archive

News and Notes from the NIDILRR Community and Beyond is a weekly newsletter featuring news, resources, events, and opportunities to participate in research in disability and rehabilitation. Most of the stories focus on the achievements of the 250+ NIDILRR-funded projects across the US. We also include events and resources from other agencies and organizations. To sign up, go to our home page and enter your email address in the big blue box! Learn how to submit an item for the next newsletter. Are you a current subscriber or reader? We would love to know your opinion on the newsletter and how you share it with your colleagues!

RESNA annual meeting; Practical Guide for People with Disabilities Who Want to Go to College; Focus Brief issue 37, Lessons Learned in Technology Transfer; Employer Assistance and Resource Network (EARN) employer blog; NIDRR seeks reviewers to participate in peer reviews; physical activity monitor system featured in journal Spinal Cord; NIDRR grantee receives 2013 Disability Policy Research Emerging Investigator Award; Arthritis State of the Science Meeting

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Men's Health Week; Self-Determination and Aging, latest issue in Research to Practice Brief; online Q&A on research for a cure in SCI held by UAB-SCIMS; launched by HHS; CIRRIE sponsors international presenters for symposium on disability rehabilitation in low and middle income countries; RanchoGait evaluation app debuts on iTunes; Webinar: Bridging the Gap Between Health and Mental Health for Persons with Serious Mental Health Conditions.

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Choosing a summer camp for a learning disabled (LD) child and visiting wheelchair accessible national parks; intimacy issues facing individuals with mental health conditions; To Walk or Roll: The Controversy Over Walking and Research; 2012 National Employment Conference Post-Webinar Series; article describes the role of Project SEARCH in helping youth with ASD gain competitive employment; NPR Labs' Captioned Braille Radio Initiative highlighted on WAMC; webinar discussing pathways to positive futures for youth with serious mental health conditions; webcast and live chat featuring new advances in research for recovey after SCI.

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National Aphasia Awareness Month; podcast in the Active Living with Arthritis series discusses overcoming barriers to common leisure activities; survey gathering information about disclosures of mental health issues by academic faculty; Source, an international online resource center on disability and inclusion; Institute for Disabilities Research and Training Inc. receives award from the US Small Business Administration; webcast: funding opportunities at the NIDRR; webcast: Secondary Conditions After SCI in a Population-Based Cohort.

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National Hurricane Preparedness Week; ADA Questions and Answers; quick poll of assistive technology use by people with SCI; 2013 Webinar Series on Alzheimer's Disease and Resources; NURERC Scholars Program recipient named; NIDRR seeking reviewers to participate in peer reviews for competitions; webinar on characteristics of employment discrimination charges filed under the ADA; webinar featuring a new, free, web-based resource for helping researchers explore disability and compensation.

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Mental Health Month and World of Possibilities Expo; Practical Guide for People with Mental Health Conditions Who Want to Work; survey of health needs for people with disabilities in Massachusetts; Join the Conversation for Change, helping youth with disabilities transition from school to work ; COLA Guide for promoting social inclusion and community integration; study demonstrating benefit of exercise for people with physical disabilities; the future of accessible human-computer interaction discussed on NPR; webinar on program access in parks, recreation, and tourism.

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NARIC Calendar of Events; exercise videos for people with psychiatric disabilities; ADA National Network Disability Law Handbook; conference at Boston University on skills needed to navigate the changing healthcare environment; Relationships after TBI video wins award; study demonstrates inexpensive method for establishing a standard baseline of accessibility; May employment data showing positive trends for people with disabilities; webinar presents national data on Olmstead-related litigation. 

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World Possibilities Expo; Smartphone apps for people with arthritis; clinical trial for adults with SCI in Denver, CO; accessibility challenges for voters with disabilities; NNJSCIS hosts Grand Rounds on the state of SCI; SCIRehab featured in special issue of Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation; user-centered exercise game aids in fitness and fall prevention for seniors; 2013 Summer Institute on Measuring Rehabilitation Outcomes for the Clinician.

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This issue features: Cynthia Waddell in memoriam; FAAST toolkit for VR and game developers; survey for farmers with amputations; disability statistics in the news; new technologies for rehabilitation and health promotion; NARRTC awards; knowledge translation webinar; NSCIA webcasts. Sent April 24, 2013

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Annual meeting of NARRTC; Americans with Disabilities Act Scoping Review; self-management and SCI survey; the Help America Vote Act 10 years later; Third International Transformational Technology Summit sessions available online; Sprint ID packs receive US Disability Matters Award; NEW-R Curriculum feature in PsyR Connection issue; State of the Science of Prevention and Management of Secondary Health Conditions in People After SCI course.

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