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Outside-the-Box Accommodations in College, Part 1

Screen shot: 
An older white woman sits on the left side of the screen, a younger hispanic man sits on the right side of the screen. A small pink horse (stuffed animal) sits between them.

Abstract: This video is the first in a two-part series. The host interviews a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor who has experience working with colleges, families, and people with psychiatric or mental health conditions to assist them with transition to adulthood. She shares information about college accommodations and provides advice on how they can support college students with mental health conditions. In order to try and receive the best academic accommodations in college, individuals should know these four things: their disability, disorder, or condition; their strengths in learning; what helps them learn best; and to know that they are responsible to talk about their disability, strengths, and needs. Part two can be found under accession number O20811. Run time: 6 minutes 19 seconds.

NARIC Accession Number: O20808.  What's this? 
Author(s): Payano, GustavoDiGalbo, Laura.
Project Number: 90RT5031 (formerly H133B140040).
Publisher(s): The Learning and Working During the Transition to Adulthood Rehabilitation Research and Training Center, University of Massachusetts Medical School, SPARC/Department of Psychiatry, UMMS 55 Lake Avenue, Worcester, MA 01655; 508/856-8718.
Publication Year: 2017.