Librarian's Picks: Assistive Technology.

'Quick picks' from librarians at the National Rehabilitation Information Center.

Assistive technology (AT) is devices and aids which can help a person with a disability perform activities that might not otherwise be possible. AT includes communication devices and sensory aids (hearing aids, TTYs, talking boards, braille displays), mobility devices (wheelchairs, modified vehicles, strollers), adaptive computer equipment (ergonomic keyboards, screen readers), and simple devices to aid in daily living activities (reachers, handles, grips). The agencies, organizations, and webpages listed here can help you find the device, product, or manufacturer you need to make everyday life easier.

For more resources, visit our Ready Reference page for Assistive Technology or search the Knowledgebase.  You may also download the brochure in PDF format at the bottom of this page. Disponible en Español.

Information sources on assistive technology

Possible sources of financial assistance for assistive technology include: your state's office of vocational rehabilitation, school districts, Medicaid, Medicare, and private health insurance. Also consider employers, private organizations, corporations, and religious groups. Contact your local public library for more information on these and other community-based organizations.

Center for Assistive Technology Act Data Assistance Program — State AT Programs
Provides state AT program information.  Each State is broken down by topic including:  state financing activities, device reutilization, device loan, and device demonstration.


Trace Research and Development Center
Phone: 301/405-2043 (V)
Fax: 301/314-9145
Provides information in the areas of augmentative communication and computer access for persons with disabilities. Makes referrals to sources of information regarding computer hardware and software, manufacturers, related professionals, and other information networks. Web site includes program information and a publications list.

Georgia Institute of Technology
Center for Assistive Technology and Environmental Access (CATEA)

Phone: 404/894-4960 (V/TTY)
Fax: 404/894-9320
Source for information pertaining to disability and computer access. Provides technology related services to persons with disabilities and distributes information packets upon request. Web site contains product and manufacturer information and Internet links.

Closing The Gap
Phone: 507/248-3294 (V)
Fax: 507/248-3810
Provides information relating to computer technology, special education, and rehabilitation. Web site contains articles of interest and a publication list. Also sponsors an annual conference.

National Easter Seal Society
Phone: 800/221-6827 (V), 312/726-6200
TTY: 312/726-4258
Fax: 312/726-1494
Provides AT related services including evaluation, recommendation, and training. There are over 400 affiliates nationwide. Contact the national office for details on services available in your area. Web site includes program information and an index to services by city and state.

The Foundation Center
Phone: 800/424-9836 (V)
Fax: 212/807-3677
Maintains a comprehensive database on foundation and corporate giving programs for both individuals and organizations. Publishes directories and guides and assists with grant application procedures. Web site offers online library and publications list.

National Assistive Technology Act Technical Assistance and Training (AT3) Center
Phone: 217/522-7985
Find Your State Program:
Provides information about the Assistive Technology Act, State Assistive Technology Programs, and general assistive technology.

Pass It On Center - National AT Reuse and Technical Assistance Center
The Pass It On Center is creating national and state resources to foster the appropriate reuse of AT by coordinating a national collaborative of assistive technology device (ATD) and durable medical equipment (DME) reuse programs across the country so that persons with disabilities can get the affordable AT they need in order to live, learn, work, and play more independently.

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