Important Note from NIDILRR about the Field Initiated Projects (FIP) Grants in FY 2018

NIDILRR has finished posting the grant opportunities that we have made available, or will be making available in fiscal year 2018.  This year we are publishing nearly 50% more funding opportunity announcements (34 in total) than we did in 2017.  Each of these opportunities requires NIDILRR staff to plan and administer one or more expert peer review panels to systematically evaluate the large number of applications that we receive.

Given this disproportional peer review oversight responsibility in 2018, we have made the decision not to publish a Field Initiated Projects (FIP) funding opportunity for FY 2018.  Instead, we plan to fund in rank order the next 14 highest-scoring applications from the 2017 FIP competition.  Each of these applications received scores that exceeded 90 in NIDILRR’s 2017 FIP grant review.  These high-scoring research and development grants will generate a diversity of new knowledge and products that can be used to improve the community living and participation, employment, or health and function outcomes of people with disabilities.

Thank you for your continued interest in NIDILRR’s programs.