Ex-Offenders with Disabilities May Experience Racial Gaps in Employment and Earnings

A study funded by the National Institute on Disability, Independent Living, and Rehabilitation Research (NIDILRR).


RehabWire - Volumen 5, Número 2, Febrero 2003

RehabWire de febrero se toma las cosas a corazón con una mirada a la salud cardiaca de las personas con discapacidades y la rehabilitación cardíaca en general.


RehabWire, Volumen 7, Número 8, septiembre 2005.

RehabWire - Volumen 7, Número 11, diciembre 2005

La Formación de las Habilidades para la Vida

Para diciembre, RehabWire mira a la investigación sobre la formación de las habilidades para la vida: enseñando a las personas con discapacidades cómo administrar su dinero, su hogar, y sus actividades diarias.

Los concesionarios destacados de NIDRR: Las investigaciónes del Siglo 21.


RehabWire - Volumen 8, Número 9, Octubre 2006.

Conduciendo y la Transportación

                         RehabWire sale a la carretera en octubre.  

Los conciesionarios de NIDRR en la posición de vanguardia.


RehabWire - Volume 11, Number 10, November 2009


Aging research supports improved health and function and increased employment and participation in the community.

NIDRR Grantees on the Cutting Edge.


RehabWire - Volume 11, Number 9, Fall 2009

Disparities and Disability

Disparities research may focus on gender, race, disability type, area, or socioeconomic strata. These projects fall within several of NIDRR's research priorities.

NIDRR Grantees on the Cutting Edge.


RehabWire - Volume 9, Number 7, August 2007

Disability Statistics

The field of statistics was originally the analysis of data about the state (government). In the 400 years since its emergence as a field, it's grown considerably!

NIDRR Grantees on the Cutting Edge.


RehabWire - Volume 8, Number 10, November 2006


RehabWire looks at diabetes, both as a disability, and as a secondary condition to existing disabilities.

NIDRR Grantees on the Cutting Edge.

The Effects of Diabetes on the Benefits of Exercise after Stroke, Patricia M. Kluding, PT, PhD (H133F050006). A. Cate Miller, PhD, Project Officer.


RehabWire - Volume 8, Number 9, October 2006.

Driving and Transportation

                         RehabWire hits the road for October.  

NIDRR Grantees on the Cutting Edge.

Southeastern Michigan Traumatic Brain Injury System (SEMTBIS). Wayne State University and Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan (H133A020515) led by Robin A. Hanks, PhD. Delores Watkins, Project Officer.



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