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The Direct Support Workforce and COVID-19: Low Wages and Racial Disparities

This policy brief summarizes the results of a national survey conducted by RTC-CL of nearly 9,000 direct support professionals (DSPs) providing support to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities during the COVID-19 pandemic. The takeaways are fear of COVID-19 infection among DSPs and the people they support, low wages, high turnover and vacancy rates, and significant wage differences between Black DSPs and their white counterparts.


The resiliency of employees with intellectual and developmental disabilities during the COVID-19 pandemic and economic shutdown: A retrospective review of employment files

This journal article examines the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent recession on individuals with IDD who worked in competitive employment from February to July 2020. Findings indicate that these employees were not able to work from home and experienced furlough or lay off instead. Further, the number of hours worked monthly was also significantly affected. Wages were not affected by the pandemic and recession.


How to Videos for Handwashing

The center has set up a collection of hand hygiene videos for families and professionals supporting individuals with ASD. How to: Teaching Handwashing explains how to cover hand hygiene, learning styles and challenges to consider, and examples of teaching strategies. How to: Handwashing for Individuals with ASD demonstrates hand hygiene in simple, straightforward language and images.


Virtual Community Life Engagement

This publication applies the Four Guideposts to Community Life Engagement to selecting and supporting online engagement opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The guideposts are: Individualize supports for each person, promote community membership and contribution, use human and social capital to decrease dependence on paid supports, and ensure that supports are outcome-oriented and regularly monitored.

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