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The Importance of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services During and After the COVID-19 Pandemic

This Taking Issue segment appeared in the September 2020 issue of the Journal Psychiatric Services. The authors ask what can be done to support people with serious mental illness in the long term as they resume lives in an uncertain society with confusing, often contradictory guidelines for avoiding infection and preventing the spread of the virus to others. As society reopens, closes, and reopens again, how can resumption of community life be facilitated for people with serious mental illnesses?


RehabWire Volumen 2 Número 9, Octubre 2000

El RehabWire de octubre está en la mente. La investigación financiada por NIDRR incluye a las personas con discapacidades psiquiátricas y las barreras que enfrentan como miembros de la comunidad en general.


RehabWire Volume 2 number 9, October 2000

RehabWire for October is all in the mind. NIDRR-funded research includes people with psychiatric disabilities and the barriers they face as members of the community at large.

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