NIDRR Research Spotlight, Volumen 1, Número 4

Ayudando a los niños con lesión cerebral traumática (LCT) y sus padres vivir felizes para siempre (al menos por un tiempo)


RehabWire - Volume 11, Number 3, March 2009.

Children's Mental Health

NIDRR research in disabilities affecting children includes special education, technology, physical and occupational therapy, and more. This issue focuses on research in mental health services.

NIDRR Grantees on the Cutting Edge.


RehabWire - Volume 9, Number 6, July 2007

Families with Disabilities

Children with disabilities and their families face a myriad of issues as they deal with day care, health care, and the education system.

NIDRR Grantees on the Cutting Edge.


RehabWire: Volume 4, Number 8, November 2002

RehabWire for November examines current research on children with serious emotional or behavioral disorders that may range from behavioral disturbances and ADHD to psychotic behavior patterns.


Spotlight, Volume 1 Number 4

Helping children with TBI and their parents live happily ever after (at least for a while)



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