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NARIC's Librarian's Picks: Information Resource Sheets

Download our 18 free resource pages listing librarian-selected agencies, organizations, and online resources for:

Choosing a High-Quality Medical Rehabilitation Program: An NRH Field Guide for People with Disabilities. This free consumer guide can help you find the right program for you or your family member.

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NARIC Newsletters

News and Notes from the NIDILRR Community and Beyond - our weekly newsletter. Sign up for your copy today!

Research In Focus - our regular column highlighting new and interesting findings from the NIDILRR community!

NIDILRR Research Spotlight - a quarterly feature spotlighting the achievements of NIDRR grantees (2010-2012).

reSearch - a semi-monthly collection of research reviews on select topics. We search the top databases and libraries in the field to answer real-world queries. 

Spotlight Podcast - a bi-monthly podcast that covers a wide range of topics related to disability, independent living, and rehabilitation research, including discussions on resources, special disability-related events, and the latest research from the NIDILRR Grantee community.


Reports from NIDILRR

Review of Disability and Rehabilitation Research: NIDRR Grantmaking Processes and Products

The National Academy of Sciences conducted an extensive review of NIDILRR's grantmaking processes. Explore or download the full NAS report.

Emergency Management Research and People with Disabilities: A Resource Guide

A report from NIDILRR highlighting new research in emergency management and people with disabilities. The report includes descriptions of federal and private research projects, as well as recommendations from conferences.
Word (2Mb) or PDF (550Kb)

Download Panel Summary Reports of NIDILRR's :

NIDILRR Program Directory

Previous editions of the NIDILRR Program Directory are available in electronic (PDF) format. For the most current listing of projects funded by NIDILRR, browse the NIDILRR Program Database. Please note: Editions of the program directory prior to 2015 refer to NIDILRR by its previous name - the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research or NIDRR.


The REHABDATA Thesaurus is a controlled vocabulary used to index documents added to the NARIC collection and the REHABDATA Database. A printable PDF version of the full Thesaurus and list of rotated terms may be downloaded here free of charge. You may also download its component parts. The Thesaurus is available in a browsable interface for both Thesaurus terms and crosswalked ICF terminology.

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